Tiffany Flood, Owner of Creekside Cleans & Pet Services

The everyday helping hand that you need.

Creekside Cleans & Pet Services

Here to provide you with various services from domestic and retail cleaning, Ironing, Oven cleaning and Pet Services.
With a background in Pub and Restaurant management, I Offer an efficient and thorough cleaning service to your home and businesses to a health and hygiene standard. With fantastic, trustworthy and committed cleaning operatives, we tailor all of our jobs around our customer’s specific needs and pride ourselves in satisfaction guaranteed. All DBS & Fully Insured.

Having a extensive background in working long and and anti social hours, I wanted to set up a family business, that would give me both, more time with my family but also give me the satisfaction and love that I haven’t really had for the past few years in my jobs. Working long hours stops you from doing the basic things like just being able to walk your dog and give them the constant affection that they need. So between myself and the help of our own gorgeous cocker Spaniel Barney, we also offer a bespoke Pet Service.

For those who work long hours, or for those who just need a day away or a holiday, Barney and myself work together to provide your Pets with the love, care and attention when you are away or otherwise engaged. Offering Dog Walks, Pet Visits, Feeds and Sitting, we also have a license application that is currently going through so that we can also offer Dog Bording and Day Care very very soon!
Myself and the team, including Barney, look forward to meeting you very soon.

Tanners Street, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7JW

Call on 07799 506 906